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2006 - 2007 Animation & Studio Arts | Concordia University

1999 - 2003 B.Sc Physics (First Class Honours) | McGill University


Director, Animator | Game of Life | Independent | A hyper-short film wherein a feral spiderhouse is eaten by an ancient brick colossus.

UX/UI Design | Workflow, Scripting, Research

Animation | 2D Character, Psychedelic, Toon Boom, TVPaint, Script & Storyboard

Programming | C#, Javascript, Python, HTML/CSS

VFX & Compositing | After Effects, Unity

Languages | English (fluent), French (fluent), Spanish (fair)

Film & Animation

2022 Writer, Director & Animator | Teeth Agape | Six Shooter Inc. | Music video for Tanya Tagaq. | Tanya Tagaq, Vocals and Music

2020 - 2021 Animator | Chasing Birds | Unité Centrale | Una Lorenzen, Director; Galilé Marion-Gauvin, Producer

2019 Animator | Shannon Amen | NFB | Maral Mohammadian, Producer ; Chris Dainty, Director

2016 - 2017 Animation Mentor | Shaman | NFB | Facilitated and coached a young Inuit artist to create her first short animation through a series of creative workshops in Montreal and her hometown of Nain, Labrador.

2016 Character Animator | Let There Be Light | ED Films & Eyesteel Films | Character animation for scenes within a documentary about the promise of fusion energy. | Mila Aung-Thwin, Director; Daniel Gies, Animation Director

2016 Writer, Storyboard Artist, Animator | Brown Bear: What Are You Toxin About? | ED Films | Scriptwriting, storyboard creation and character animation for an educational animation for youth about the concepts of biomagnification. | Daniel Gies, Director

2016 Co-Director & Animator | Radio Check | NFB | A short, impactful PSA style piece promoting awareness of child victims of immigration detentions. | Elle-Maija Tailfeathers, Co-Director; Jelena Popovic, Producer

2016 Creative Director | ED Films

2013 - 2014 Stereoscopic Compositor & Workflow Designer | The Little Prince - Stopmotion Set | ToutenKartoon | Oversaw and bottom-lined stereoscopic aspects of stop motion footage. Designed pre-shoot tests, workflows for rushes, compositing and final deliveries, did 2D compositing and built scripting tools to streamline S3D conversion (useable by non S3D specialists)

2013 Lighting, Compositing & Stereoscopy Supervisor, Animator | The End of Pinky | NFB | Stereoscopic compositing and custom After Effects scripts were used to streamline the creation of a unique visual treatment incorporating 2D hand drawn animation into an S3D tableau. | Claire Blanchet, Director; Michael Fukushima, Producer.

2012 Compositing and VFX Specialist | Terminus (Dance production) | Director/Choreographer: Charmaine Leblanc; Video Director: Marlene Millar | Worked with danse video footage to create content for site specific projections with live performance.

2011 Compositing and VFX Specialist | Lost Action: Trace | NFB | Motion tracking, visual effects & environment design for composite filmed dance performance with animation.

2010 Writer , Director & Animator | Biodiversity is Life | UN Secretariat to the Convention on Biodiversity | PSA raising awareness about traditional knowledge of indigenous communities and biodiversity. (1 min 30 sec)

2008 Animator, Art Director | Cloud Nine | Ramz Media, Oslo/Montreal | Conceptual animations of cluster munitions with global practices and impacts. (1 min)

2008 Writer, Director & Animator | Airborne Daydreams | Spafax, Air Canada EnRoute | Promotional trailer video for in-flight Student Film Festival.

2008 Co-driector & Lead Animator | The Mixy Tapes | NFB & POP Montreal | Short film created in six weeks as part of "Making Music" Collaboration between NFB and POP Montreal. | Michael Wray, Co-Director, Maral Mohammadian, Producer

2008 Animator, Designer | Champlain Retracé | NFB | Co-created animated scene (with Claire Blanchet) with Sandde S3D animtion software.

2007 Animator, Art Director | Homo Toxicus | Les Productions ISCA | Animated introduction to documentary directed by Carole Poliquin.

UX & Programming

2021 Instructor - Unity & Programming | Collège Rubika Montreal

2018 - present Inventor & Programmer | Arpeggio VR | Designing and coding an original paradigm for hand-drawn 3D animation in VR. Written in C# with the Unity engine.

2015 - present Designer & Programmer | Layer Slayer | Designed, developed, and marketed After Effects script that syncs layer content across the layer hierarchy. Written in Javascript with Adobe Extendscript API.

2014 - present Designer & Programmer | Evil Twin Stereo 3D/360 | Designed, developed, and marketed After Effects script that vastly improves upon the standard stereoscopic compositing workflow. Instant visual feedback and the preservation of the intuitive work of non-technical users were prioritized to provide a more universal and approachable way to composite in S3D. The initial concept was hatched while working on set for the stereoscopic stopmotion production for The Little Prince. Written in Javascript with the Adobe Extendscript API.

2012 - 2013 User Experience Group Leader & Research Associate | Elastic Spaces | Hexagram - Concordia University | Interactivity / UX design and scripting support for research-based art projects. Facilitated fruitful communication between artists and developers. Synthesized and presented to fellow researchers a comprehensive report on the SANDDE software project, challenges and related work.

2010 - 2012 UX Specialist | SANDDE | Janro Imaging Labs | UX & UI design, marketing and communications. SANDDE was a pioneering animation system that afforded users the ability to create stereoscopic 3D hand-drawn animation all within an immersive environment. It was the precursor to more contemporary VR drawing apps such as Quill, and AnimVR.

Selected Screenings

2022 Selected for consideration | Teeth Agape - music video for Tanya Tagaq | Prism Prize

2021 Moscow 5-Second Film Festival | Game of Life | Official Selection

2008 Annecy Animation Festival | Forest Frenetic | Séléction officielle - PERSPECTIVES

2008 Ottawa International Animation Festival | The Mixy Tapes | Official Selection - Shorts Competition

2007 Ottawa International Animation Festival | Drop | Official Selection - Canadian Short Animation

Workshops & Presentations

2016 Invited Speaker | Elastic Spaces Conference | Hexagram Concordia

2013 Invited Speaker & Workshop Instructor | SANDDE | Bath School of Art and Design, Bath, UK | 3-day production-based workshop on SANDDE with accompanying talk on S3D drawing and UX research findings.

2012 Workshop Instructor | SANDDE | AIAS 2012: National Arts School, Sydney Australia | 5-day workshop to introduce a group of international participants to Sandde and facilitate the production and presentation of collaborative works.

Awards & Honours

2018 Artist in Residence | Résidence en cinéma d'animation | Cinematheque Quebecois | Animation scriptwriting residency with mentorship by Matthew Rankin

2012 Artist in Residence | National Arts School - Sydney, Australia

2010 Grant Recipient | Refuge | Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec | Research and Creation grant in film and media, upcoming artist

2008 Best of Ottawa 2008 | The Mixy Tapes | Inclusion in the Ottawa Animation Festival's sub-selection of favourites.

2007 Winner | Banque National Animation Scholarship | Concordia - Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema

2007 Winner | Achievement in Animation | Air Canada/En Route Student Film Festival


I am a physics-educated film animator embedded in Montreal’s vibrant art world. A natural and tenacious problem solver with an eye for design, a love of art, and a fascination with animated movement, I take enormous pride in every project. I’ve had incredible experiences collaborating with artists, programmers, and researchers, both locally and internationally, in pursuit of new ways of thinking about technology for artistic expression and storytelling. A passionate animator and coder who often supports fellow artists by designing for them.

Currently I divide my time between 2D animation contracts, teaching programming, and continually pushing forward the code and design of my immersive VR Animation tool, Arpeggio.

If you're interested in any aspect of what I do, get in touch!